[config_item title=”Editing” image=”http://filmeschneider.de/images/icon_brainstorm2.png”]Creating a coherent story from single shots, a story that informs you, moves you, changes your perspective: This is what I do.
You’ll find a couple of examples on this site.[/config_item]
[config_item title=”Encoding” image=”http://filmeschneider.de/images/icon_responsive.png”]Whether for ingest or delivery: Keeping up with codec technology is hard.
Good thing you’ve got somebody who’ll make your video look good on any platform.[/config_item]
[config_item title=”Workflow” image=”http://filmeschneider.de/images/icon_gears2.png”]Plan well, scream less: in order to keep your angry outbursts to your family life (where they belong), I’ll plan workflows so you can be on your best behaviour in the post facility.[/config_item]